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In 2002, our founder, Kelly Myers, discovered that finding quality web design with superior support for the small business owner was virtually impossible. Originally in the automotive industry, Kelly knew that the internet was taking over and a feature rich website that had unlimited flexibility was the only way to stay ahead of the competition.  But the competitors were outsourcing their websites and management for tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of dollars per month for support and maintenance.  Kelly knew their had to be a better way, so he set out to find a solution for the smaller dealers that could not afford the large vendors.  This is when Nationwide Dealer Services was born.  The success was overwhelming and allowed the company to reach a peak in the automotive industry.  So Kelly said,”if this works for the auto industry, why can’t it work for any small business?”.  So Monster Media was born as an industry neutral brand offering the years of experience and expertise in digital marketing services that we’ve provided to many businesses throughout the years.

We’ve now grown to be a national presence in full service internet marketing services for not only the small business but to enterprise businesses all around the world.

Over the years, Monster Media has invested countless hours of time, money and research into the ever changing world of online marketing.  This allows you to lean on us so you can focus your valuable time on selling more and not getting caught up in this trap of cascading information.  We have added new services and technology that weren’t even available when started and look forward to the future of new opportunities.

We strive everyday to deliver amazing designs, original content, and top notch white hat SEO to clients year after year.

We Work for Your Profit

We grow when our clients grow. It's a very simple concept, but not many companies follow it. We love our clients and their success!

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Excellent Support
Support is what sets a company apart. Digital marketing is everywhere, but we strive to be different through courteous and efficient support.
Awesome Team
We've been lucky to discover hidden talents from all aspects of internet marketing and give you full access to the team anytime you need it.
Faster Performance
We know business doesn't wait. So our goal is to deliver the highest quality product and service possible without sacrificing one detail that may keep you behind the competition.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be able to provide amazing results for businesses of any size at prices that are fair.

Our Customers Say

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Every person I worked with at Monster was knowledgeable, creative, prompt, and personable.
Calvin Newman
Calvin Newman
Even after 6 months of the website being live, they are quick to respond to my emails!
Clair Knox
Clair Knox
We interviewed several Marketing firms to revamp our website, logo, and other items, and it was clear right away that Monster was the right choice.
Pamela Broadwell
Pamela Broadwell
Lead Manager
They have been professional, comprehensive and competent throughout the process of our working together.
Mike Jenkins
Mike Jenkins
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Jonathan Simpson
Jonathan Simpson
Lead Manager

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Our clients are our top priority. We strive to be a Client First Agency.